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When it comes to enjoying good food & beverage, we all have our favourite comforts. Whether it's coffee, boba, matcha, juice, or desserts, Pearl Lemon Food & Beverage Group of Companies can satisfy your craving.Dining and ordering with us is simple: Pick what you would like to eat, let us know, and we'll prepare it for you.

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All of our food & drinks are prepared with the utmost care for your desired taste. We always consider what’s good for you and what would get you throughout the day.

With that said, you can check out the Menu for our various cafes and businesses to see which one caters to your cravings. Let us know which one you’d like!


Good food & drinks that comes from the heart, brings warmth

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We have been serving all your snack cravings ever since 2022. Our mission is to keep you feeling warm with every sip & bit.

Treat yourself with what you deserve!


We offer a variety of food and beverage you can choose from. We have coffee, matcha products, boba, and even desserts you’ll surely love!

Aside from that, we also do catering services in case you want to offer our selection to a bigger group.

You’ll find our main physical store at Unit Number #1, Building Number, 250 North End Road, SW6 1NJ, United Kingdom

You may call our main contact number: +44 208 097 3635

Sure! You can take a look on our respective sites:
Pearl Lemon Cafe
Pearl Lemon Boba
Pearl Lemon Juice
Pearl Lemon Catering
HowMatcha Cafe

or you can book a call with us.

Yes, you can! You can find us on deliveroo and ubereats.